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Software Developer in Columbia, MD at SNI Technology

Date Posted: 3/7/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  • Javascript development in a custom UI framework
  • Node.js javascript development against MongoDB
  • Java development using Spring/Hibernate against DB2
  • Writing unit tests and performing Integration testing
  • Participating in design/planning discussions, including design documentation

More junior role would be doing more testing/bug-fixing (at least at first)

More senior role would be expected to do more work volume with less "hand holding" and also perform peer code reviews.

  • How quickly are you looking to bring these resources on?

We need at least 2 weeks to prepare for any new resource.

  • What will the interview process look like?

We normally do a phone screen first - and if that goes well -then we schedule an in-person interview, in our Columbia MD office with the team tech leads (usually 2) and the team project manager. This interview re-visits some technical questions asked during the phone screen to confirm candidate has skills in the areas we need, and also provides forum for us to explain what the job position is, the nature of the work, and team environment, and show the candidate the working area. To make sure they get a chance to determine if the position is a fit for them.

  • What projects/ initiatives will these resources be supporting?

There are 2 projects going on right now at Deere that we are supporting and need additional resources to help with. One is a javascript web application (custom framework) talking to a Node.js services thru REST APIs. Our team supports both front and backend work. The 2nd is an AngularJS front end using REST APIs to talk to a Java server backend - the architecture is a microservices architecture with each service coded in Java using Spring and Hibernate, talking to DB2.

  • Are there specific javascript frameworks that you would like this person to have experience with (like Angular)?

Angular, JQuery, and familiarity with libraries such as Underscore.

  • Are you using Node on the frontend or backend?

We use NodeJS on the backend for one of our projects.

  • What percentage of the time will this person be focusing on frontend vs backend tasks?

Depends on their skill - we have need in both areas and are looking for resources to do both. The Majority of the work is backend, primarily in the Java server environment. Most likely this is where the more senior resources will be working.