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Mobile Device Security Engineer-MIA in Miami, FL at SNI Technology

Date Posted: 12/28/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

You will provide finalized reporting on device security engineering activities along with detailed technical analysis including proposed mitigation taking into account established threat models across product portfolio.
You will be involved in leading/performing hacking efforts via offensive attack simulation, performing as well as improving targeted device security assurance engineering testing, and conducting specific threat intelligence on product security technology including hacking trends and information for products.


Device Security Assessment/Assurance/Hacking Support, and Threat Intelligence
  • Create threat models for mapping/evaluating the threat surface on products and services across manufacturers and platforms.
  • Develop and maintain security threat profiles for products across vendors.
  • Conduct targeted security testing and analysis to determine the efficacy of security controls and propose actionable mitigation recommendations for products/services.
  • Conduct and support targeted threat intelligence activities including research efforts focused on strengthening the security profile of products and services with actionable recommendations.
  • Conduct, review, and support technical security engineering analysis based on established threat models of root cause and proposed mitigations from vendors for issues during development, testing, hacking, and research.
  • Conduct analysis of product, services, and attacker tools to identify indicators of compromise and reverse engineer attacker protocols.
  • Conduct and support targeted offensive hacking related attack simulations as guided and needed taking into account threat models and threat intelligence.
  • Review and assist in specific engagements from security research firms on products and services
  • Assist internal device security teams with mapping, developing, evaluating and validating the produce device security profile.
  • Create detailed and actionable device security engineering reports.
  • Create detailed and actionable threat intelligence reports.
  • Assist internal device security teams with development of security requirements/assessments/security test plans
  • Key participant in internal team meetings to discuss product security certification strategy, efforts, and results
  • Support internal Pre-Lab team during face to face meetings & calls around critical product milestones with handset manufacturers/OEMs
  • Conducting and supporting technical reviews on materials from industry and vendors in regard to device security
  • Performing and supporting training related to team capabilities in regard to assurance based and offensive based testing of products and services
  • Assist in automation efforts regards to testing and hacking on products and services
  • Proposing recommendations and supporting new process techniques that have been given to improve overall job efficiencies.
  • Proposing recommendations and supporting in expanding team scope and functions in areas of interest based on company goals and objectives

Required Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • 5+ years is required in the following:
    • Mobile/device platform threat intelligence
    • Threat modeling
    • Offensive attack simulations
    • Knowledge of hacker tactics, techniques, procedures
    • Understanding of software exploits on mobile/embedded platforms
    • Ability to revere engineer and analyze packed and obfuscated code
    • Android/Linux operating